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LOST: Several months ago, I decided to try getting some dramatic footage of the Chabot Space & Science Center (located in the hills above Oakland, California). The plan was to rise up out of the trees behind the facility to reveal the Center and some nice views of the San Francisco Bay Area, beyond. I found a suitable spot behind the Center where the 100-foot high trees opened up in a circle about 30 feet wide. I did a compass calibration, but forgot to verify that the drone had full GPS lock(!) I launched it straight up facing Chabot, and could see on the monitor that it was seeing Chabot, and then I looked up to see if I could see how high it was, and didn't see it (uh-oh); then I lost the video wifi signal, and then the sound of the drone faded off and I couldn't hear it anymore; I tried putting it into Home Lock mode and put it in "reverse" for several moments, but I still didn't hear or see it. I knew if it decided to go into auto-return mode, it might hit the trees and get caught or fall. After waiting a few minutes to see if I could hear it doing anything, I began walking in the direction I thought I last heard it (south) and watched my monitor to see if it would reacquire the wifi signal if I got into closer proximity to it. I walked all the along the forest trails about a half-mile away, but didn't get any further signal from the camera wifi. I went back to the launch site - there was still nothing there - it was lost! I'm not sure Without a good GPS position lock, and with the tall trees blocking the controller signal, the drone may have been both clueless and out of control.


FOUND: About 5 months later, it was found by trail hikers, not far from where I launched it. I did put my phone number + the word "reward" on it, so when the hikers found it, they gave me a call. At first, knowing that since it had been outside for several months, it was probably ruined due to moisture, and I didn't feel like paying a reward for a piece of junk, so I told them I didn't want it anymore, and they said they'd just throw it away. Then, a few days after that, a park ranger called saying he'd found my Phantom in the trash, and did I want it. Figuring the ranger probably wasn't looking for a reward, I said I'd drop by to pick it up, and the next day, I did.


EPILOGUE: As I surmised, it was indeed trashed. It must have had a pretty hard fall, because the battery fell out, two of the props were broken, and two of the prop-guards were also broken. Also, rust stains could be seen coming out of the air circulation holes in the body, and the motors themselves were rusty. Interestingly, the mini-SD card was still in the camera, so I took it out and took a look at the four videos on it. The first three videos worked great, but the last one, the one that would have shown the crash, was corrupted. I tried using the "djifix.exe" and the Miro Video Converter to repair and view the file, but to no avail. After I lost it, my dealer offered to buy back the controller and other accessories back from me, so I did that. I kept the camera, and gave the rest of what was left to a friend of mine who is good with electronics who may be able to get it back to working, again. I since purchased another UAV - the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 (1080p), and have been flying (a lot more carefully) with it ever since. Live and learn.



Don Saito






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